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Logo is a community-sourced documentation hub all about ConstraintLayout. While there is lots of documentation and plenty of blog posts about ConstraintLayout, it is such an immense and powerful beast, that a few of us felt that a dedicated resource to collect information about ConstraintLayout would be of immense value to the Android dev community.

Your hosts are Mark Allison who has been working on site setup, writing content, and general dogsbody! His partners on this project are fellow GDEs Sebastiano Poggi, Wiebe Elsinga, and Hugo Visser who have been working on the technical and admin side of things; Huyen Tue Dao and Wolfram Rittmeyer who are both expert with ConstraintLayout and have, and will be working on content; last but by no means least is Taylor Ling who has created the amazing logo (as seen here) for the new website. Most of us are at Google IO 2017 and if you see us around, then please ask for a sticker. Yes, you read that correctly, we haz stickerz!

Although the content is a little sparse, at present, the intention is to steadily grow in to a hugely comprehensive resource for how to get the best out of ConstraintLayout. This will become more valuable as time goes on because Nicolas Roard and John Hoford (some of the incredible brains behind ConstraintLayout) will continue to add new and innovative features. Having living documentation will be a great way to spread the word on those features as and when they arrive.

To start with we have some basic articles about how to implement common patterns provided by existing Android layout types such as LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, and PercentLayout; we also have a cookbook section which will provide recipes of how to implement real-world designs in ConstraintLayout; and we have a tricks & tips section for quick snippets about some really cool aspects of ConstraintLayout. Of course, we’ll be adding to these categories as time goes on, so if you have any suggestions then please let us know.

Feedback is important. We are trying to build something which will be useful to the entire community so please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any suggestions, or content that you would like us to cover. The site itself is implemented using GitHub Pages, so there is an underlying GitHub repository which contains all of the content. If you find any errors or typos in any of the content, then please feel free to raise an issue on the repo issue tracker.

Also, we intend to invite community submissions for new content which will be via a Pull Request to the repo. As of yet we have not had the time to create some documentation for how to construct content and make Pull Requests - we’ve been flat out trying to get as much content in there as we can. But once we get a breather we’ll get to this and be inviting anyone in the community to submit content.

Any suggestions / request for new articles would be best made through the issue tracker. Not only will this ensure that such requests don’t fall off the radar, you will be able to track if they get implemented, and, when we start accepting community submissions, it will mean that anyone can see your request and try to fulfil your request.

Please take a look. Please tell us what you like, and what you don’t like. Please spread the word. Please help us out by submitting additional content when we are able to begin accepting community submissions.


Hugo, Huyen, Mark, Seb, Taylor, Wiebe, & Wolfram